7 Lessons I learned in 7 Days since Starting my First Blog Site

Lessons Learned

If you have never read my About Me page for this site, after you read it, let me give you some background as to why I decided to create this blog.  Get comfortable, it’s story time. My whole life I have always been a vivid dreamer.  Some of them were not always good dreams. The bad ones ended up with me waking up on my top bunk bed yelling, “Mom!, Mom!”. My sisters below would also be yelling at the same time, “Shut up!”.  Eventually my mother would come into the bedroom and take me with her to the bedroom with her and my dad. This lasted until I was about 12 years old.  It became so frequent, that my dad had to put a bell on the door so he would know when I was coming in.

As I have gotten older, instead of being scared of my dreams, I try to understand them better.  I don’t know if it’s strange, or that I am just crazy, but I don’t understand it when people say that they don’t dream, or that they can’t ever remember their dreams.  Well let me share with you a small snippet of the dream I had that birthed A Golden Girl Life blog. I was standing on a subway train platform, this man came up to me in a threatening way.  I started yelling, “Help me!”, but no one was reacting.  All of sudden, he did a 360 and was being nice to me.  He was asking me to buy a book from him, and that is was $299.  That number remained stuck in my subconscious, so much that I kept repeating it so I wouldn’t forget it when I woke up.  When I wake up, I immediately went to Google the number 299.  (Click here to Read)

This is an excerpt from the link:

Angel Number 299 is a message from your angels that your lightworking skills, talents and abilities are greatly needed by the world, and your angels encourage you to shine your light brightly to illuminate the way for others. Trust that you will be able to find a comfortable balance between your material, family and spiritual worlds.

OMG!! I have finally figured out my life’s purpose.  I have always known that I am destined for greatness.  I know that I do have a voice that I need to use to share my skills and abilities with the world.  If you are reading this blog right now, I hope I am offering you encouragement or at least engaging content daily (Smile).  I am thankful that I have a flexible job so that I can get my work done, and still dedicate time to blogging.(for now). So there you have it in a nutshell.  Well let me steer this boat back on course, today’s post.

Seven Lessons I have Learned in Seven Days since Starting my First Blog Site

  1. Proofread, Proofread, and Proofread again.– I can read my posts over and over, but the moment I publish it and read it online, all the grammatical errors stick out like a sore thumb.  Usually after I publish the post, I read over it online and ask a friend to proofread it before I broadcast it on the media outlets.  (When I say media, I mean social media, ya’ll know I am not well known yet)
  2. Timing Matters.-I am a very analytical person.  I am starting to notice the trends for the “best time of day” when it comes to posting a blog or social media pics.  This has definitely helped me when it comes to my viewership.
  3. Understand Your Target Audience.– I find it is quite easy to get a person’s attention from a visual piece, but how do I convert those “likers” to followers of the brand? My blog is a lifestyle blog.  A Golden Girl Life caters to anyone who have interests in beauty, fashion, health, fitness, and relationships.  I still have a lot of work to do on this one.
  4. Be Consistent-Right now, my creative juices are abundant, so I feel like I can pour my heart and soul into new exciting content everyday.  I have also read, that can be the downfall for a new blogger as well.  While I am single, no kids, and no significant other, I feel like I should have no excuses when it comes to producing consistent content.
  5. Be Patient– Patience is a characteristic that I am so happy I was blessed with.  Your audience, your sponsors, and influence are not going to all flock to you in a week.  As long as you are putting forth the effort, (which I am) the fruits of your labor will bloom.
  6. Invest in Your Brand.– When I knew I was going to start this blog site, fortunately I already had a domain on Go Daddy so it pretty easy for me to get the process going.  I also purchased a business branded email address.  I wanted to be taken seriously.  If you look on Instagram and Twitter, there are thousands of new bloggers out there trying to get noticed.  I have to do my best to stand out. (Website revamp next on list)
  7. Do it because you love it.– Now that I have started this blog site, it is all I think about.  It is becoming more difficult for me to focus on my 9 to 5 job because I am thinking about the next creative post I want to do.  I used to be in the bed by 11, but now I am up til 2 am because I can’t sleep from all the excitement of what I am doing.

Whether you are a newbie like me or a veteran in the blogging world, I think we can always learn something from each other.  I am learning every day as it pertains to establishing my brand and influence.  I am researching and reading articles from all sources so that I can be the best blogger I can be.  I still remember my first Twitter, Instagram, and WordPress follower, and I want to say thank you for believing me.

Golden Girl