About Golden Girl

Greetings! I am GG aka Golden Girl, and this my first attempt into the blogging world. I am a lover of life, family, health, fitness, travel, and all things girly (fashion, beauty, and relationships) I am currently working a 9 to 5 corporate job that I am grateful to have, but I have always felt that I am not utilizing my full potential.  I am 36, single, and have no desire to get married or have children.  Am I wrong?  No!  Yes, I am open to dating and having a monogamous relationship, but do I have to get married?  So… the idea for this blog came about from a conversation I had with my older sister (we’re 2 years apart).  We were having lunch and catching up,  I asked “Are you dating anyone right now?”  She replies back, “I think I am going to end up a Golden Girl”  I said, “Oh no, me too! we can be roommates!”  Although we both were joking, but in some ways it could end up true.  I haven’t been in serious relationship or a date in four years.  Will I end up as a Golden Girl? (Please reference The Golden Girls (TV Series) ) if you have no idea what I am refering to when I say “A Golden Girl”)  Although I do enjoy my time alone and recently traveling alone also, but it is also fun to share those experiences with a companion.  Are you 30+, single, successful, but sometimes feel like you will never meet your Mr or Mrs Right? We wont be single forever, if we do desire a companion, but in the meantime, I want you to take this journey with me to discuss, fashion, beauty, love, life, travel, and experiences from yours truly

Golden Girl