Are you a Trendsetter or Trendgetter?


One of the best fashion quotes goes, “Fashion is disposable yet repeats itself, so just don’t throw away anything” – Tom Ford.  Some of you can probably relate to hearing your mother at one point saying, “We used to wear that when I was in school”.  So it is true that fashion trends do repeat themselves.  How would I describe my personal style?  I like to call it casual chic.  I admire the style of Blake Lively because her style is effortless, timeless, and yet still chic.  I wouldn’t say that I am a person that keeps up with the trends when it comes to actual purchases, but I am aware of what people are wearing.  As I mentioned before, I worked for a major retailer for 4 years.  During my time working there I became so spoiled with getting 40-60% off regular and designer items, when I look at a pair of $600 shoes now, I just die a little in the inside.  Don’t get me wrong, when Saks Fifth AvenueNET-A-PORTER, or FarFetch has their designer sale, I am racking up.  My wardrobe consists of a “high-low” closet and that is normally how my outfits are put together.  Denim jeans and shoes are definitely the two items I will splurge on.  A typical Sunday could look like: A white v-neck t-shirt from TargetRag & Bone denim jeans, and a pair of Birkenstock (I’m all about comfort on Sundays)

Owning your personal style is all about self-confidence.  Whatever you feel comfortable wearing, own it, flaunt it, and stand out.  I appreciate the fashion designers that do create quality affordable apparel for the population that may cannot afford or want to spend hundreds of dollars just to look stylish or “on trend”.  I enjoy looking at the trendsetters of style who embrace his or her individuality.  I also enjoy looking on Instagram of people wearing all the latest trends from NYFW, PFW, and all the other street style posts. Whether you are a trendsetter or a trendgetter, there is no wright or wrong.  Your style is still your own. Even if the clothes and shoes you have right now are not in season, remember, don’t throw them away just yet because fashion always repeats itself.

What is your personal style?  Are you a trendsetter or trendgetter?  Share your comments

Golden Girl