August Beauty Round Up: The Favorites


As I stated previously, August has been a pretty good month for Golden Girl.  I am extremely grateful for the responses and feedback I received thus far on my social media platforms and the blog itself.  I have purchased a few new products this month that I have never tried before so I wanted to go over with each one of them with you.  You know why?, because now I am ob-sessed with each of them. So let’s get it started!



One of my purchases this month was the Laura Mercier – Almond Coconut Milk Sugar Scrub I love body exfoliators, lotions, and oils. If you like almonds and coconuts,  then you will love this scrub.  It’s not too gritty or greasy.  This scrub left my skin feeling soft and the aroma was not overpowering.  I don’t use it daily, so this 12 oz. jar should last a while. Also, when you’re finished, you can use the empty glass for some type of DIY project.

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After your skin is soft and supple from your exfoliation, you have to smell good right?  I love these travel size Eau de Parfumes.  These are perfect for travel, a quick refresh when out on the town, or when you don’t want to spend $80-$150 on a 3 oz bottle. The travel size Eau de Parfum I purchased was the Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium.  The re-released Black Opium is waaaay better than the original.  This fragrance has notes of vanilla bean, white flowers, and black coffee.

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So now that your skin is soft and you are smelling good, it’s now time for the finishing touches.  I like a little, I repeat, a little shimmer.  I stumbled across this Urban Decay – Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder at Ulta Beauty.  It does take a lot of product if want a full shimmer, but since I don’t, this product is perfect for me. I use it on my body primarily. If I am wearing a blouse that exposes my chest, a couple strokes of the brush, and I have a nice subtle shimmer.

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After your long night out with your friends and you have washed your face, it’s time to try Mario Badescu – Whitening Mask. I was in Blue Mercury one day purchasing another product and I received this mask along with some other facial mask samples.  I have only been using this product for a week, but I am loving the results. It comes off easy and it could be my imagination, but my skin does feel brighter.  I will be buying the full-size jar after I finish the sample.

See.. I didn’t break the bank right?  These are my beauty faves for the month of August. I’m surprised I didn’t buy any shoes.  Maybe I will for September.  I hope you are able to try at least one of these products and love them as much as I do.

What were some of your beauty or fashion favorites in the month of August? Share your comments…


Golden Girl



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