December Goodbeing Beauty Box Review


Our December Goodbeing box appears to be filled will all the products you would need for a first date.  First, there is a fresh body soap.  No explanation need there, but I hope you would want to take a long hot shower or bath before your date. Next there is a hand cream for when you have to shake that date’s hand.  You don’t want to have dry or rough sandpaper hands.  There is also a face creme that can be used for your eyes, cheeks, and lips if you want to add a little color to your face.  Also there is aromatherapy spray.  We definitely want positive vibes  and balance while we are on this date.  Finally there is a breath mist spray just in case the date goes really well at the end of the night. Pucker up! Ready to look at these items in more detail? Let’s get into it.


Slab Soap – Oatmeal Honey–  These are handcrafted soaps from Oregon.  It says the soaps are formulated using palm, coconut, olive oils and exotic butters.  It also says this soap is perfect for shaving, nourishing chapped skin, and adding a healthy dose of moisture.  You all know I have sensitive skin so I haven’t used it.  It doesn’t smell like it has any fragrances or perfumes, so I may wash my hands with it first and see how it works.  The full size bar of 6 0z. retails for $5.00.


100percentpure–  This is a semi rich buttercream hand moisturizer in Vanilla Bean scent.  It comes in various other scents if vanilla bean is not a scent you are fond of.  This cream says it is 100% free of artificial colors, fragrances, and synthetic chemical preservatives.  The vanilla bean scent isn’t too over powering and the cream isn’t super greasy.  It coats your hands just enough and the moisturizing last long.  The full size is 2 0z. and retails for $12.00.


Emani – Vegan Cosmetics– This is a multi purpose creme that is 100% vegan made in California. This can be used to enhance your eyes, cheeks and/or lips.  All of Emani products are 100% cruelty free, paraben free, gluten free, and said to be ideal for those with sensitive skin.  I tried this on my eyelids and lips and loved the rich rustic undertones.  It is sheer but still bold (Speechless is the color name).  On the website, this item is listed as a last chance item, so it may be discontinued soon, so I would hurry up and purchase if you want to try it out.  The full size .14 oz and retails for $20.00.


Balanced Guru Aromatherapy Spray– This is a pocket sized aromatherapy spray that is called Optimist.  The Optimist aromatherapy spray is said to be used to lighten up you day and bring joy and positivism to your life.  There are several different blends to choose from that are said to help us all become more grounded, loving, powerful, creative, and enlightened.  All ingredients are certified organic and vegan.  To use, you just spay once, away from your face and inhale deeply.  I’m all for a placebo, so I am sniffing away and having an enlightened day!


MOONDANI Breath Mist– This a natural breath mist made from distilled water, organic vegetable glycerin, ginger extract, cardamom oil, fennel oil, and natural oils (plant based oils).  It says that no additives, preservatives, alcohol, or sweetener are added.  I am a bit skeptical about spraying this in my mouth, so I haven’t tried it. I enjoy using my Crest toothpaste and mouth wash.  If you are interested in trying this product out, the full size is 5ml and retails for $7.50.


There you have it, the December Goodbeing beauty box.  With the exception of the breath mist, I will definitely be using all the other products included this month’s box.  Were there any products you were interested in sampling?

Share your comments..  Have a Golden Day!


Golden Girl