Are you a seasonal Work-Outer?


So depending on what your fitness goals are, you may start your “program” 3-6 months before the start of summer.  You have your new sneakers, lululemon apparel, Beats Wireless Headphones, and a positive attitude because you know you are about kill this workout.  For me personally, I love a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout and running.  When I combine these workouts with GOOD EATING, I see my best results.  Now back to our “program”.  After you are consistently working out 3-4 days a week, (or sometimes seven) your confidence is getting better because you are noticing your clothes getting more loose, your friends are starting to say, “Look at you!, I can tell in your face”. You may still have that occasional cheat meal, but you don’t feel bad because you know all the hard work you have been putting in, so you tell yourself, I deserve it!

After weeks of ups and downs with maintaining your workout routine, A last! You are ready to post your new body on social media for the world to see. Your friends and followers show their approval:

For the next three months you are still working out, but now you are traveling to a tropical destination for five to seven days enjoying unlimited drinks and food buffets.  If you didn’t work out while you were on vacation you tell yourself, “As soon as I get back, I am going to the gym.  When you do return, you do get back in the gym, but it takes a bit getting back into the swing of things.  Once you step back on the scale after your vacation, you are instantly motivated again.  When I do workout, I am normally by myself because unfortunately, the few friends I have that do workout, they live too far. (when I say too far, they just don’t live downtown like me). Although I am still able to motivate myself even without a workout partner, the few times that I have worked out with a friend, I did enjoy it.  With or without a partner, I know I have to maintain this progress, so the saga continues.

The last day of summer for 2016 is Thursday, September 22nd.  Of course, the temperatures don’t immediately drop just because it is the last day of summer, but since you have celebrated the last holiday of the summer on Labor Day, it’s now safe to decrease those seven day workouts to three.  Instead of having only one cheat meal a week, you have three cheat meals a week. What the heck, you may even stop calling them cheat meals all together and say, “I’m not going to deprive myself of my cravings”. As the weeks go by, you notice those size 27 jeans that fastened so easily before are still able to pull up, but now you have broken the zipper trying to make them fit.  All of the Snaps, Facebook, and Instagram posts of your intense workouts are replaced by  #foodporn, and #inspirationalquotes pics. You had a good run with your fitness program.  Now the leaves are turning colors and the skies are turning grey.  The temperature has dropped significantly along with your workouts.  The workouts are basically non existent at this point.  Those early morning or after five workouts are now you, curled up on your sofa, fire blazing, wrapped in a warm cashmere throw, and drinking a glass of Malbec.

Ok ok..There may be some people out there that work out all year round because they love fitness, Bravo.  There are some people that could care less about going to a gym, taking a walk, or eating healthy. There are some people who are blessed with great genetics so they can eat whatever they want, have 2 babies, not lift a 5 lb dumbbell, and still have the body she desires.  Finally, there are those people that just work out for the photo shoot, the wedding, the high school reunion, or the SEASON.  Whatever your reasons are for your fitness or “fitnot” goals (forgive me for just making up words) do what makes you feel happy. Even if you are working hard to flaunt your new body for 3 months out the year, do it, own it, and don’t forget to post it.

Are you a seasonal Work-Outer?  Share your Comments..

Golden Girl