January Goodbeing Beauty Box Review


This is our first Goodbeing box for 2017, and they did not disappoint.  I am a sucker for any type of oil, cream, or scrub for the body.  I  have noticed so far with this subscription, I get 4-5 different items every month. I know with some beauty box subscriptions, certain products are repeated (not the products that you loved) month to month.  I also love that the Goodbeing products are brands I have never heard of, but I become a fan of based on the samples.  So let’s breakdown what is this month’s box.



Mi-Me Vetiver Dark Sugar Scrub-   This a Vegan Cruelty Free all natural sugar scrub.  I must admit,  I don’t love the smell, and it didn’t leave my skin soft and supple  as I would have liked, but I will finish the sample.  I wish it had more vanilla than the Vetiver. It can definitely be a unisex type scrub because of the smell.  Directions are to use this scrub 2-3 times a week or as much as you like.  I still love my Laura Mercier scrub, but this is a suitable back up.



Kaia Naturals Juicy Bamboo Gentle Facial Cleansing Oil Cloth– This is a pack of 3 cruelty free facial cleansing cloths designed for sensitive skin and infused  with vitamin C, E, B12, sunflower and organic honey to gently cleanse and moisturize.  I prefer makeup remover cloths as my makeup remover of choice.  The cloths have a fresh citrus scent which is refreshing as well.  The cloths are 100% bio degradable which is awesome.  After you have finished removing your makeup, you can simply compost or bury in a garden to biodegrade.  The full size comes with 20 individually wrapped to-go packets and retail for $19.50



DeVita Moisture Tints Beauty Balm- This is a SPF -15 one step BB cream.  In addition to the sun protection, it provides natural coverage, tinted coverage, and is vegan.  It comes in three shades, light, medium, and dark.  It is said to be safe for sensitive skin as well.  I haven’t tried it because you all know how I am with certain skin products.  The full size comes in 2.5 oz and retails for $31.95



Gaffer & Child Shave Butter– This is a butter based cream made from organic ingredients to reduce irritation and dryness.  Some of the organic ingredients are shea butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, and lavender.  There is definitely a soothing aroma when you apply this cream on your skin.  I have never tried a shaving butter, but I actually do like this product.  This one is surely a keeper.  The full size comes in a 4.0 oz pump dispenser and retails for $30.00.  I believe it is worth it.


Overall, I will give the January Goodbeing box a B+.  The subscription lives to see another debit in my bank account.  Have you guys tried any of these products before? Is there anything in this month’s box you would be interested in sampling?

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