My Golden Girl Greek Vacation!


I booked this vacation about six months in advance through Delta Vacations.  You can book online, or like I did, called and spoke to a reservation specialist.  The itinerary went like this, I stayed 2 nights in Athens to start and I had to purchase a separate round-trip flight through Aegean Airlines to the island of Mykonos (Delta currently does not have fly there).  I flew back to Athens for 1 night and then back home.  The round-trip flights, the 3 hotel nights in Athens, 3 hotel nights in Mykonos and trip protection was about $1700. I did a lot of research prior to booking to make sure I somewhat knew what to expect.  From what I found, after you visit the Acropolis, Parthenon, and the museum, there really isn’t much else to do in Athens.

This was my first solo trip to Europe.  Last year I took my first solo trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  Quite naturally, my mother was a bit worried about her baby girl taking this trip alone, but I tried to make sure I provided my parents with everything they needed in a “worse case scenario” moment.  My dad kept referencing the movie Taken which didn’t help calm my mother worry.  I try not to be a person that lives in fear, and since we only have one life here on Earth, we have to live it to the fullest and do things that make us happy.

With that said, let me get into it.  So I had a 13 hour flight from Atlanta to Athens.  There was an hour and forty-five minute layover in Paris.  After going through customs, I got there just in time as my flight was boarding.  By the time I landed, checked in my hotel at the Melia Athens I was beat.  I just took a shower and had dinner at the restaurant downstairs.  The next morning I had scheduled a bike tour.  This was a great activity to see Athens, as well as get some exercise.  That afternoon I had a sailing tour.  The boat sailed along the coast of Athens.  The crew prepared a lunch that was delightful!  The next day consisted of more sight-seeing, and the next morning I was off to Mykonos!


You can opt to take a ferry to visit the other Greek islands, but since my time was limited, I chose to fly.  The flight from Athens to Mykonos was about 45 min, but felt more like 25 minutes.  I stayed at the Hermes Mykonos Hotel which was lovely.  I love staying in boutique hotels as opposed to resorts.   Yes, there may be more amenities at resorts, but I like the intimate feel of boutique hotels.  I had a seaside view and was able to watch the sunrise and sunset every day.


Mykonos was just how I imagined from all the pictures I had seen on Instagram.  The narrow streets, the white painted houses, and calming sunsets.  All the locals were so friendly too.  I became addicted to the Greek coffee.  I met a great guy that owned an art shop in the town.  We would sit out at the cafe, drink coffee and talk every day.  As you recall on a previous blog, Where Are Your Bucket List Travel Destinations, I had Santorini, Greece listed on my list.  I wanted to go sooo bad, and tried every way fit to in my itinerary, but I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it as much with my limited time in Greece.(I will be back)

I could literally go on and on about this trip, and hopefully you have made it this far in the blog to even read this.  I would strongly advise you to put Greece on your places to visit.  This was a memorable, life changing experience for me.  I survived 6 days in Europe all by myself.  Don’t listen to the stigmas, always use your best judgment if you are traveling alone or with a group.  I am already in the pre planning stages for my next adventure to the Amalfi Coast.


What places are you visiting this summer? Share your thoughts..

Golden Girl


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