What are your plans or goals for 2017?


Hello December!! Can you believe we only have 30 days until 2017? I can honestly say that this year has went by too fast.  In the office I feel like as soon as I tell my co worker to have a good weekend on Friday, it’s Monday again.  I can say that I am looking forward with much excitement as to what the new year will have in store for me.  So I would like to share a few of my goals and plans for 2017 with you all.  Is that cool?

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Are you a seasonal Work-outer?


There are approximately 50 day 10 hours 52 minutes until the end of summer, but who is counting?  Did you achieve your “bikini body” or your “I just want to drop 10 lbs” for summer goals?  For some of us, we look forward to the summer for the warm sunny weather and flip flops, but we also dread the summer because we know we pigged out during the fall holidays and we are going to have to wear a tank top and shorts to the pool or beach all summer long.  Or maybe not.  Are you a seasonal work-outer?

Let’s talk about it

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