To Follow or Not to Follow? That is the Question


This Sunday marks the third week of the Golden Girl Life blog.  I am still very excited about this venture I am taking into the blogging world.  I have TwitterInstagram, and Facebook (I couldn’t remember my password, but the page is Golden Girl Life) social media accounts set up and running. I have my blog established on WordPress and GoDaddy. I am maintaining all of this while still working my 9 to 5 job.  So what I wanted to discuss today is on gaining an audience or “following” on these social media platforms.  If you remember me mentioning before, I am a very analytical person.  I enjoy looking deeper into everything. Even before I started Golden Girl, I would look at the Instagram profiles of the people that liked my pictures, and compare them to my friend’s profile picture likes and ask myself, “How does my friend have 100x followers than I have, but receive less “likes” than me?”  The whole analytics, behaviors, and algorithms of social media is very fascinating to me. So I wanted to dive deeper into this topic.  Shall we?  Let’s go!

What factors do you look at when determining whether or not you want to follow a person or brand?  For me, it is the content.  When I scroll through my feed in the middle of the night, sitting bored in the office, or first thing in the morning, I want see words and images that make me feel good.  I want to read tweets that inspire me, make me laugh, and make me think.  I want to see images on Instagram that I can relate to, and are creative.  Can I tell you another secret since we are a little more familiar with each other now?  The only people that know about the Golden Girl Life blog are my parents, my sisters, and three of my friends. Some would say I should be telling all my friends about the blog so they can spread the word.  This is how I feel about that. I know if I tell my friends to follow all my social media accounts and subscribe to my blog, they will, and that will be it.  I want my audience to be people that follow me because they enjoy reading my content, and look forward to a new blog post, a new tweet or Instagram post.  Not because we are friends and you just want to “show your support”. I remember when I told one of the three friends I mentioned, about the blog.  To see the look on her face while she was reading it was priceless.   She and I grew up together back in my hometown, and even though we don’t talk every day or spend a lot of time together, she knows me.  As she was reading one of the posts, she was smiling because she could vividly visualize my expressions and understand my honesty and transparency in what I had written.  I want to have quality subscribers and followers, not quantity.  So this brings us to the title of this blog post, then why are some people so offended when you don’t follow them back?

I remember three weeks ago when I started my social media accounts, I didn’t have any followers. I’ll be honest, I still don’t have any on Facebook, but I don’t even have a Facebook for my personal account.  I haven’t used Facebook in years, so I am still trying to adjust with how to use it.  So bear with me.  I have an average following of about 30 on Twitter and Instagram, which fluctuates daily depending on if I don’t return a follow back. Why don’t people get offended or up in arms when his or her favorite celebrity or brand doesn’t follow them back?  Is it just because I am not famous or well known that I should come off my “high horse” and appreciate every follow I get?  A person presses the follow button or sends the friend request because there was something of interest on that person’s page that you liked and wanted to see more of. Does that mean that the recipient of the request has to automatically feel that our pages should be of interest to him or her? When he or she doesn’t follow back, how do you “all of a sudden” lose interest in the content that once caught your eye?  I am thankful for each person or brand that follows me and remains following me because they genuinely like to see or read my content each day, even if I don’t follow back. (Don’t get any ideas..)

We have to work on not allowing ourselves to become so concerned about the numbers, the follows and the popularity associated with social media, that we lose the joy and focus of our passions.  Just because a person doesn’t follow you back, it doesn’t mean he or she thinks that your content sucks, or they don’t appreciate the interest, but with anything in life, sometimes it’s just different strokes for different folks. Those that have continued to follow me or are new to following me,  just know that I am still new to this, but I am determined to provide you with engaging, thought-provoking, and creative content daily. When I no longer provide these things for you, I guess you will unfollow me, but thank you for taking the ride with me.

What are your thoughts on the Follow for Follow on Social Media?  Share Your Comments


Golden Girl



  1. This is all very new to me. I didn’t realise it’s sort of expected that I follow the person back. My huge amount of followers (4 on WordPress) might be offended. An interesting article that has got me thinking about this, and the possibility of Instagram and my blog facebook page, where I have no followers


  2. My experience on any social networking has not proven any theories on what works. At one time I had many followers and I tweeted mainly about environmental things. When I started getting resistance from the environmental deniers, I changed my content to spiritual topics. Unfortunately, as a single woman, a married man started to chase my followers off and personal friends when I first had my account. Then when a single man was interested in me I told him he wasn’t old enough to date me. He still persisted despite my turning him away. Then when he was of dating age and wanted to regain my interest he started posting photos of multiple women who looked like me but when I asked him to follow me and he would not do the same and continued posting photos of women that looked like me. That started to scare me. That was the end of that relationship. People that have gotten to know the spiritual side of me get attracted to me but ultimately others here in the community have driven them away. Maybe it was for my protection for something they never told me. I’ve even had one guy that followed at 1st on Facebook and I was real excited but they unfollowed after several attempts when I was still trying to figure out how to use it. I still am inspired by many others and hope that I am inspirational to others mutually. I want an atmosphere where everyone who is mutual follows one another and where both parties can have mutual conversation. Balance is important to me with everything in life and it is very hard to find that nowadays.


  3. This really hit home for me. I think this is something I truly needed to read with the new Vlogging journey i am embarking on. I hope I can remember this always.


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