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When it comes to taking a vacation, it was always common to travel with friends or family. Traveling to me is one the best ways to see the world, experience different cultures and atmospheres.  In recent years there has been a recent trend with not only people taking solo vacations, but now, more than ever women are traveling alone.  This past March I had the opportunity to take my 1st solo vacation.  I knew I wanted to take this vacation alone which is why I booked it 6 mos in advance, and didn’t tell anyone until 3 months before departure.  The moment I told my friends and family, I was asked “Are you really going by yourself?” I will agree, there are Pros/Cons that come with traveling alone as woman, but I must admit, my Pros outweighed the bad.  If you have been contemplating on taking on the solo traveler experience, here are my pros/cons list.

  1. Pro: You control the budget. If you want to stay in a Four-star hotel or an Airbnb it is totally up to you. Con: You may can only afford to stay in a motel since you don’t have three friends to split the accommodations.
  2. Pro:  You are on your own time. You don’t have negotiate an itinerary with other people, and participate in activities that you have no interest in.  Con:  Depending on your location, it may not be safe to roam and explore by yourself since you don’t have someone to watch your back.
  3. Pro:  You can socialize and make new friends.  During my solo traveler experience, I noticed everyone was extra nice to me.  I don’t know if they felt sorry for me because I was alone, or were genuinely nice people, but their generosity came with free food and drinks, and hotel room upgrades.  I’ll take it!  Con:   When you aren’t in the mood for conversation, you don’t have that friend to run interference for you

I can go on and on, but the point is, you have to try new things in life and step outside your comfort zone.  I never wanted to be the person saying I can’t go to Europe, the Caribbean, or Asia because my friend’s availability schedule doesn’t align with mine, or we couldn’t agree on a budget.  When it comes to traveling the world, it will never happen if you believe you always have to be part of  a group or organization.  There are rewarding experiences you can have with being a Solo Traveler.

Share your comments and your personal solo travel experiences below

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