Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him


If you are one of those people who feel like Valentine’s Day isn’t a real holiday, or that a person should show his or her love all year round and not just on one day, blah blah.  Get over it, and let us folks that do enjoy this one day, enjoy it.  From the time I started kindergarten to when I left my parents’ house for college, when I would get home from school on Valentine’s Day, my father would always have a card and a box of chocolates on our beds (there were 4 girls).  I know my father loves my mother and all his kids every day, but I loved looking forward to my special card and candy on this day (the pic is an actual card from my dad). I don’t recall if my mother ever got my father anything in return, but they have been married for over 40+ years, so I guess it wasn’t a deal breaker for him. I do believe we all communicate and demonstrate our love for one another differently.  Which is why I am going to use the 5 love languages to base my gift ideas that may work for the special someone in your life.



Words of Affirmation – This type of gift is for the person who likes to hear words of love, like “I love you, I miss you, and You are so special to me” mean the world to your significant other.  Compliments and kind words builds your partners confidence in the relationship whose love language is words of affirmation. A gift idea for this type of person would be either to create a CD or iTunes/google play (music stream) playlist. Put together about 10-12 of your favorite songs that remind you of him and the songs that express the feelings you have for him.  It could be a song that played at a restaurant on your first date, from a song you both danced to a party, or just a song that will make him smile and make him feel special when he is driving in traffic.



Receiving Gifts – If you are with someone who likes more tangible things, a gift may be your best bet to show your love on this day for a person that has this love language.  To me, there is nothing more attractive than a good smelling man.  Not the fresh out the shower, I just took a bath type smell, but after he is dressed and sprays on that cologne type smell. Not all men are crazy about cologne,  my father still has cologne from probably two years ago we bought him as gifts.  If your man has an appreciation for fragrance, here are a few of my favorite scents, Dior Sauvage (I am normally not too fond of Eau de Toilette Sprays, but this one gets a pass) and Creed Aventus.



Quality Time – This love language was my highest rated.  I am all about having no major distractions, spending time together and making long lasting memories with my partner.  Depending on the weather, the type of gift your man may enjoy for Valentine’s day could be a nice picnic for two in a quiet area of a park or field.  A Netflix or Redbox movie rental and his favorite snacks. The main focus for the type of person with this love language is that as long as it’s you and I, I don’t care what activity we are doing.



Physical Touch – Is your man the touchy feely type? If so, then you already know what type of gift you have to give him. A massage! You can either plan a nice fancy, expensive couples massage so you can benefit from it also, or if you have the strong hands for it, then you can give the massage yourself.  If you decide to give the massage yourself, L’OCCITANE Aromachologie Relaxing Massage Oil is a great oil to use to help ease away the aches or tension.The scent is not too over powering and the oil won’t leave him all greasy and shiny.  If he does feel like he is too greasy, you can always wash it off of him. (smile).  With this love language, your simple touch gives him warm, safety, and shows him that you care.


Acts of Service – Our final love language gift is acts of service. When you show a willingness to help, or show a proactive approach to help ease any burden, your man will appreciate this gesture.  If your man likes to go to the gym in the morning and likes to drink a protein shake every morning.  On Valentine’s Day morning (if you both live together of course) have his protein powder and mixer ready on counter with a post workout banana or boiled eggs.  If you don’t normally cook, prepare his favorite dinner and dessert on this day.  This type of love language requires that you are a great listener.  There will be key clues that you must remember so you can demonstrate how you can show in your actions how you are going to ease the burden or responsibility your partner may need from you.


Welp! There you have it! I hope some of these ideas can help you when you are trying to decided what to get your significant other a gift for Valentine’s Day.  Remember, even if you show your love, appreciation, and gratitude 364 days out of the year, it won’t hurt to put an extra Umph! on February 14th.

Do you know what you love language is? Share your comments..


Golden Girl


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