What are your Guilty Food Pleasures?


One sec.. I am opening the wrapper for one of these SaltWater Taffy’s.  I have a strong resistance when it comes to a lot of food and sweet options.  There are only two things that I can, but are very hard for me to resist: Saltwater Taffy and Dunkin Donuts glazed blueberry munchkins. I am rarely exposed to either of these items, but I did have to go to Trader Joe’s to buy the saltwater taffy to take the picture (smiles).  It doesn’t help that there is only a wooden fence that separates my condo building from Trader Joe’s.  The bag is only 7 oz, but I can literally eat half of the bag before I get in the house.  I told you it was bad.  In the office building I work in, there is also a store downstairs that sells the small Laffy Taffy bars. If they have the banana flavor, I have to buy at least three to satisfy my urge.

As I mentioned in the blog post about my favorite meal of the day being breakfast, and me getting that from my father, the sweet tooth was also a trait I got from my father.  His sweet tooth is definitely worse than mine, but it was surely nurtured by him.  Growing up, he used to buy the family size bag of peanut M&M’s and keep it in his top dresser drawer.  My mom would go to Sam’s Club and buy the big container of Now and Laters and “hide” it in the bedroom closet.  Of course, kids being kids, my siblings and I knew where to go and would gradually take a few out at a time.  Ok, back to the present, so let’s talk about my next guilty food pleasure, those glazed blueberry munchkins from Dunkin’ Donuts. Thankfully, even though the nearest Dunkin Donuts is only 2 miles away, I don’t crave it that often to make the drive.  I used to work a job where I worked overnight, and the next shift person would always bring in some munchkins.  She knew I loved the glazed blueberry, so she would make it a point to say, “I got some blueberry ones in there too”. Ughh.. What am I supposed to do!  I felt bad, but kinda not for eating all the glazed blueberry munchkins before anyone else could get one.

There you have it, arrest me, I have admitted my guilty food pleasures.  I don’t believe in depriving myself of sugar and saturated fats, but I do know if I want to maintain my womanish figure, I have to eat these treats in moderation. Whatever your guilty food pleasures are, just remember when you are taking a bite or sip of it, that food is meant to be enjoyed, savored, and shared.

What are some of your guilty food pleasures? Share your Comments…


Golden Girl