What are your plans or goals for 2017?


I have to admit, I am one of those people that don’t like to say the words “New Years Resolution”.  Instead, I like to use the word “goals”.  I believe it is important for each of us to set goals for ourselves no matter how big or small, and not just for the start of a new year, but throughout our lives.  I like to write my goals using the notepad app on my iPhone so I can easily see it.  I also use the Pages app to make virtual  vision boards.  I copy and paste images, motivational words and quotes to help me keep my goals in sight.  So what are my goals for 2017?  Most are a continuation from 2016, but I will still share a few with you today. Let’s go!


  1. Relocation! Relocation! –  For about the past year or 2 I have been obsessed with leaving my sweet peach state of Georgia and heading out west.  I have lived in Georgia my whole 36 years of life.  I am desperate for a change of scenery.  I have a friend that lives in Los Angeles, and over the past 2 years,  I probably go visit 2-3 times a year. I always rent a car and I feel like I am a resident.  So yes, California is the place I want to relocate to.  I know I am an adult, but I wish my family was more supportive in this goal of mine.  My parents feel like I am chasing a dream or being selfish, and that I won’t be happy there.  I am not moving to become an actress or musician, I just like the vibe I feel when I am there.  I am not going to just quit my full-time job and move.  I am trying to be strategic and sensible about this move.  (I know it will be an expensive move, and an expensive cost of living).  I had promising rounds of interviews with Google in January only to be told that they “lost the headcount for the position and will no longer be filling this role”.  In April, I had an interview with CBS Corporate, and in July I interviewed with both Intuit and L.A. Care Health Plan.  Unfortunately, no offers, but I am remaining optimistic and hopeful.  I am far from ready to give up on this goal of mine.


  1. Travel More– If you remember in my previous post Where are your Bucket List Travel Destinations I had the country Greece as one of my destinations.  Well.. Golden Girl is going to Greece in May 2017!  (This pic was taken from My Delta App).  I booked a sweet deal for my trip through Delta Vacations.  For those that want to travel more, but feel like they don’t have the available funds to drop $500 or more on the spot, many travel booking sites are now offering flexible payment options.  I am beyond excited for this trip.  For my birthday in March this year I went to the Dominican Republic for a week by myself. I loved every bit of it.  This trip to Greece is another birthday trip I am taking alone as well.  I booked this trip for May instead of March because I wanted the weather to be a bit more warmer.  The itinerary is to stay in Athens for a couple days, then fly to Mykonos, then end the trip back in Athens.  The goal is scratch off one destination from my travel bucket list each year.


  1. Be consistent- Well.. saving the best for last. When I talk about consistency,  I am referring to every area in my life.  Especially as it pertains to my blog, Golden Girl Life, fitness, diet, and mental health.  First, let’s discuss Golden Girl Life.  I know if I want this blog to really be engaging and impactful to my readers, I have to be consistent.  I have to post, and post consistently.  Have I been? No. I can either make this into a career or just a hobby. Consistency is key. Second, fitness and diet.  They go hand and hand so I am putting them together.  I have always been a person that is fairly active all year round.  I may crank it up a few levels in certain quarters of the year, but overall I never go months without any physical activity.  Over the past 8 years I have put on about 30 lbs, and because I am not putting in the consistent work, I haven’t shed the weight.  Sometimes I eat good and can meal prep for a month, then sometimes I just eat whatever I want. I can either get the body I want or eat crazy and workout just to keep the scale balanced.  Finally, I have to be consistent with my mental health. What I mean when I say my mental health, I am referring to the energy I allow to get in my space.  I have always been a sounding board for most of my friends.  I am grateful that I can be there for him or her and offer advice or opinions, but it can also be quite draining.  It is important to put yourself first sometimes.  It doesn’t mean that you are being selfish or that you don’t care about other people’s problems.  In this book I read called The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships, it speaks about the power of our thoughts and how we can be a disadvantage to our friends when discussing a problem.  It talks about how we can amplify the vibration of the problem by just continuing to discuss it and not even be aware.  So my goal is to be more aware of the energies that I allow in my space so it doesn’t affect my mental health.

Well… that’s it folks.  Are these all my goals for 2017?, no, but they are all priority goals for me.  That is why I have each of them as number 1.  No goal is greater than the other.  I know blessings will continue to flow into 2017 and I can’t wait to share an update with you all as they each get checked off the list.

What are you goals for 2017 and beyond?  Share below..


Golden Girl