What Fragrances or Aromas Make Your Hearts Smile?

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Growing up as a child I was exposed early on to the smell of perfumes.  My mother was so “heavy handed” with her perfumes that you would have thought she was drinking it because of how the fragrance lingered.  Her collection back then consisted of Calvin Klein Obsession, Elizabeth Arden Red Door, and Estee Lauder Beautiful just to name a few.  Over the years, I have made sure to keep her current with the latest eau de parfums even though she doesn’t like her bottles to be too expensive.  I am thankful that her love of perfumes instilled in me a love and appreciation for them as well.

I remember my first perfume I purchased was Clinique Happy.  You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t grown. This one guy in school used to just call me Happy every time he would see me because he had gotten so attached to the fragrance.  From Clinique, I then switched to Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue. With both of these fragrances I believe you could still wear them today because they are classics.  A few of my other throwback favorites were the Paris Hilton for WomenEscada Ibiza Hippie, and Amor Amor by Cacharel.  Now that I am grown woman for real, I have really stepped up my smell goods.  When I worked at this major retailer for four years, this is where I purchased the good stuff.  I was kinda like my mother, I didn’t want to spend $300 on a bottle of perfume, but when you are an employee getting 30-40% off, it made it sooo much more easier for me. In the picture above, there are a few of my bottles.  Shall we go through them?  Of course. (From top to right)

  1. Bond No. 9 New York – Signature – I love the Bond No. 9 brand in general.  There are so many fragrances to choose from and you can blend different bottles and create new scents.  I like to wear this particular one in the evening because it seems a little more heavier to me. Notes of – Oud Extract, Rose, Tonka Beans and Musk.
  2. Bond No. 9 New York – Park Avenue South – (Polka Dots)This is a light daytime fragrance and makes me feel girly and cute Notes of– Green apple flowers, peach, jasmine, musk and dry amber
  3. Alaïa – If you haven’t noticed the trend, I love floral and fresh scents.  This bottle does not disappoint and also blends well with other fragrances. Notes of- Abstract floral heart and a base of animal and musky notes
  4. Chanel – COCO NOIR– A woman can never go wrong with a bottle of Chanel in the arsenal.  This is also an evening perfume I like to wear because of the warm sensual notes. Notes of- Bourbon Vanilla and New Caledonian Sandalwood
  5. Bond No. 9 Central Park West – This is a Bond No. 9  I like to use as a blender because it pretty much goes with everything. Top notes: narcissus, ylang ylang, black pepper. Middle notes: gardenia, jasmine, citrus-like linden, orris Bottom: vetiver, musk, white oak, tree moss

I wish I could share my whole collection of fragrances, but these fragrances definitely make my heart smile.  Let me share one secret with you.  I also love for my car to smell good.  I have only told one friend of mine this secret and he is hooked.  The smell good trick I discovered are the Febreze Small Spaces Air Freshener.  You can buy whatever scent you like, but what I like to do is put two in the car, one in front driver side door, and one in the rear passenger side door. When people get in my car they are looking around to find out what is smelling so good and where the aroma is coming from.  One time I went through the drive through pharmacy and the technician was like, dayuuum you car smells good! (Thank you)

Whether you like oils, toilettes, eau de parfums, bath and body works sprays (dang, I meant to touch on them too) or just plain soap, keep it fresh and appreciate your sense of smell.

What are some of your favorite fragrances and aromas that make your hearts smile?

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