When Your Version of the Best Isn’t Good Enough

How many of you have ever heard, “You are attractive, successful, independent, and have brains, so why are you single?”  In the mind of person asking the question, he or she may think that it is a logical question.  To the person on the receiving end, he or she may be screaming in the inside thinking “If someone asks me that question one more time!!”  So in what rule book does it say that if a man or woman possesses attributes of beauty, brains, personality, and success, that he or she should automatically have a life partner.  On the flip side, are you a person that believes because you possess these qualities, that you shouldn’t still  be single? Do you feel like the woman that got the proposal, the house, the kids, and the dream you have is because she “settled?”  I believe it’s important for us to look deeper in ourselves when we really want to answer the question, “How can I still be single when I have a successful career, I am attractive, charismatic, and independent?”  When the answer is, sometimes the version of what we think is the best, is sometimes still not enough to give us what we desire.  What if it’s not all the “awesome” qualities you possess that is preventing you from meeting your life partner, but the type of qualities you seek in your mate?  Each of us have a “type” that we are attracted to.  Take a moment and think about your past dating experiences with those particular “type” individuals. To my women that are still single, did any of your “types” result in a serious commitment, add value to your life, or teach you anything about yourself?

Bottom line, you could be a musician with the most popular album of year, it doesn’t mean you will win the Grammy for Artist of Year.  You could be the gymnast that won the All-Around competition in the Olympic Trials, it doesn’t mean you will win Gold in the Summer Olympics.  Finally, you can have the beauty, brawn, brains, success, and humor, but it doesn’t mean you will have a husband, a house, a family by age 35. (If those are your heart’s desires)

Do you know why you are still single?  Share your comments.

Golden Girl